COVID 19: Antibody detection

IgM and IgG – lateral flow immunoassay for a rapid diagnosis
Price: 70 Ron

IgG – quantitative immunoassay for dynamic tracking of the antibody titer, increasing of it being a diagnostic criterion in patients suspected of infection with SARS-COV2 even in the absence of a positive RT-PCR test.
Price: 90 Ron

Founded in 2006 by a family of physicians, Biomed offers high quality medical services. It was possible due to accessing an European program, through were encouraged acquisition of high-performance medical equipment.

POR 2014 – 2020

All this time we were available to our patients with the best solutions, offering variants in cases where their medical problems could not be fully solved in our clinic.

All our medical services are accredited accordingly to quality standards ISO 9001 or ISO 15189.

IQNet ISO 9001


Monday - Friday
8am - 9pm
8am - 2pm

For the correct preparation of the medical rooms in the context of COVID 19, all consultations and treatments are made only after telephone appointments or filling up the contact form.


Address & contact details

8-10 Matei Basarab Blvd.
Slobozia, Ialomița, Romania


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