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The skin is an important organ, it is the protective covering of the body against the external environment, it fulfils multiple functions and does not represent only the superficial layer. The diagnosis of the skin lesions developed by the dermatologists is supported by the collaboration with anatomo-pathologists dedicated to dermatological pathology. This collaboration is the1

Orthopedics – Traumatology

Orthopedics-Traumatology deals with the detections, diagnosis and recovery of diseases of the muscular skeletal system and spine (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles). A correct diagnosis is a must before any surgical interventions. Orthopedic evaluation is complex and may includes laboratory investigations , DXA osteodensitometry, radiological examinations, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography. Plasmolifting in Orthopedics.1


Urology, although it deals with the detection and treatment of diseases of the bladder, urethra, kidneys, adrenal glands, prostate, is a field of medicine that intersect several different specialties. In modern medicine, the urologist is often a specialist in related disciplines (andrology, gynecology, pediatrics). The technology underlies the diagnosis in urology, because the anamnesis and1


A pleasant smile always makes us happy, and the desire to have beautiful teeth is a natural thing for any of us. That is way we do everything we can do to fulfill this desire, continuously investing in new materials and devices. Ensuring a functional dentition, correcting some dental anomalies, the aesthetic aspects of the1


Rheumatology deals with the detection, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the patients with non-surgical diseases of the muscculoskeletal system. These conditions are usually painful, acute or chronic, which are improper for a good movement. They are generally called rheumatism or rheumatic disease. The main groups of them are Degenerative diseases caused by degeneration and wear1


Pediatrics, the medical specialty related to the study and the treatment of diseases encountered in children, involves a close link between all those who deal with the growth, care and physical and mental health of children. The medical services offered cover diagnosis of chronic and acute diseases , watching harmonious growth of the child, recommendations1


Beyond the classic examination we have a series of video-fibroscope, rigid for nasal and laryngeal endoscopy, or flexible endoscope for difficult anatomical areas. Nasal endoscopy is performed with a rigid endoscope (produced by Sometech – Korea) does not require anesthesia and allows the visualisation of the nostrils and nasopharinx. Laryngeal endoscopy is also performed with1

Medical Analysis Laboratory

The medical analysis laboratory is the clinician closest partner when it comes to a correct diagnosis. This is why it is very important that the analizes accurately reflect the reality, leading to the correct identification of the patients condition. We manage to achieve this by equipping ourselves with reference tools and a young team of1

Obstetrics – Gynecology

The services offered by our clinic are extenisve, covering a large part of nonsurgical gynecological pathology Gynecological examination 5D Ultrasound Treatment of menstrual disorders Treatment of hormonal disorders Ultrasound examination of the breasts Visualisation of the cervical lesions by colposcopy Visualisation of the uterine mucosa by hysteroscopy Mounting /removing intrauterine device Couple infertility This is1

General ultrasound

Ultrasound is a method of obtaining medical images , performed through a medical device that produces high frequency ultrasound waves and receives the the echo sent by the internal organs. The ultrasound instruments are of the latest generation, produced by Samsung, equipped with advanced programs for interpretation and clarification of captured images, which helps to1