The skin is an important organ, it is the protective covering of the body against the external environment, it fulfils multiple functions and does not represent only the superficial layer.

The diagnosis of the skin lesions developed by the dermatologists is supported by the collaboration with anatomo-pathologists dedicated to dermatological pathology.

This collaboration is the fact of foundation of a correct decision , on which the next steps regarding the treatment depend.

With the help of the multirole fractional CO2 laser with build-in skin analysis system, dermato-surgical interventions and other types of treatment can be performed

  • Anti-aging treatments – complete rejuvenation of the face by stimulating collagen formation.
  • Scar treatment – various scars including post-acnee scars, surgery scars, burn marks etc.
  • Uniformizations of skin tones – seborrheic keratosis, freckles, lentogo, rejuvenation of photo-aged skin, treatment of large pores or pigmentation problems.
  • Anti-wrinkle treatments – periorbital or perioral wrinkles, superficial or deep wrinkles.

The laser system analyses the local characteristics of the skin and automatically sets the laser to the optimal parameters depending of the type of treatment applied, reducing the risks of hyperpigmentation.


  • Dr Andrada Danilov

    Medic specialist Chirurgie plastică, estetică și microchirurgie reconstructivă.

  • Dr. Veronica Martin

    Medic specialist Dermatologie