Medical Analysis Laboratory

The medical analysis laboratory is the clinician closest partner when it comes to a correct diagnosis. This is why it is very important that the analizes accurately reflect the reality, leading to the correct identification of the patients condition. We manage to achieve this by equipping ourselves with reference tools and a young team of professionals.

We have implemented the European quality standard ISO 15189 to guarantee of the medical tests.

Our reagents suppliers are companies known all over the world for quality products offered, strictly respecting quality standards (ASSEL – Italy, Sysmex – Japan, Tosoh – Japan, Melet Schloesing – France etc.)

The range of medical tests is very wide, practically being available most investigations of clinical importance, regarding any medical speciality. This is possible through partnership with laboratories from Romania, Germany and France, all acredited with the ISO 15189 quality standard.

The samples which are sent to these partner laboratories are carefully and specifically prepared for transport to prevent degradation of the probe specimen.