A pleasant smile always makes us happy, and the desire to have beautiful teeth is a natural thing for any of us. That is way we do everything we can do to fulfill this desire, continuously investing in new materials and devices. Ensuring a functional dentition, correcting some dental anomalies, the aesthetic aspects of the teeth were and are made by modern techniques that have proven their effectiveness.
These things are done through a complex approach, from sanitising the oral cavity to orthodontic appliances or dental implants.



Prevention and correction of tooth positioning anomalies.


Dental implants, restoring the integrity of dental arches.


Performing difficult dental extractions, apex granulomas, perishable abscesses with dental starting point, mental molar extractions, prosthetic surgical treatment etc.


Treatment of dental pulp infections and their complications in the tissue under the tooth, the apical periodontium.
Microscope-assisted endodontic treatments are the most complex form of work in the Endodontics, being able to save teeth that otherwise could not have been preserved.


Diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of diseases that affect the tissues that maintain the tooth ito the alveolar ridge – gume, bone, dentoalveolar ligament, cementum, tooth.


Retroalveolar and panoramic radiographs.


Treatment of periodontitis, the disease that affects the structures that support the tooth in the bone (dental alveolus, ligament, cementum, gums).


Patient safety is the first thing that matters in performing any medical act.
Beyond the obligation to comply with the rules related to the sterilization protocol, we strictly follow its specific stages (presterilization, washing of instruments, sterilization itself, packaging of the instruments etc.)
In this way we have allocated material resources for the purchase of three top autoclaves (two autoclaves with their own distilled water station and manufactured by Melag GmbH – Germany and an autoclave manufactured by Getinge – Sweden) as well as staff dedicated to monitoring the sterilization protocol.
We encourage you to ask us for any information related to sterilization process or to view its stages, together with our colleagues directly involved.


This is the most common method to relax anxious patients, who remains conscious and receptive during dental procedures.
It is performed using a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide provided by a device that measures the volumes of the two gases, and delivered by a nasal mask.
Inhalation is safe and an effective method , without side effects, which helps patients who are afraid of dental procedures and to overcome this fear.


It does not require special training prior to scheduling , and after the end of the treatment session the patient can leave the office alone, unaccompanied.
All dental works are performed in dental laboratories in Bucharest.


  • Dr. Clara-Ilinca Bica

    Specialist in Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics.